It’s a given for anyone with even a bit of experience with children that they will make messes. They track in dirt and mud. They leave behind scraps of paper, pencil shavings, food crumbs, drink spills, and no matter what the rules might be, candy and gum wrappers, as well as pieces of candy and gum. In addition, they are much less aware or able to be responsible for germ safety, so they cough and sneeze all over everything. It can be difficult to maintain a safe and clean environment when working with children of all ages. Magik cleaning services can help keep your educational facility as clean as possible. Regular cleaning and sanitation can go a long way towards controlling the spread of germs from child to child. We use cleaning products that are effective, but safe for use around children.

When cleaning your educational facility Commercial Janitorial will pay special attention to infection control, sanitizing the surfaces such as light switches, desks, and door handles. If you need a complete janitorial service – we can include tag work such as carpet extraction, strip and wax, burnishing, and tile and grout cleaning. If a high degree of cleanliness must be maintained in order to pass inspections, our educational cleaning staff will clean to a level that passes any regulation or legal requirement. Magik Clean cleaning will improve the health of your teachers, administrators, and students. Magik Clean will minimize exposure to harsh aggressive cleaners and VOC emissions leading to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere will assist in the performance of learning.